Mauro Rosales thoughts on tomorrow’s game

April 5th, 2014

Mauro Rosales gave us a little of his time on his thoughts on tomorrow’s game versus the Gals.

Don’t forget tomorrow we will start our tailgate at 9:30am in lot 13.

Dan Kennedy talk to us about upcomming Clasico game

April 4th, 2014

With the Super Clasico coming up, Dan Kennedy gave us a little of his time to talk to us about the upcoming match vs the Gals. Check it out and leave a comment below.

Throwback Thursday 2010 U.S Open Cup Semi-final

March 20th, 2014

It was a summer day in July 2010 when many of gathered to watch a quarterfinal match of chivas usa vs Houston dynamo in the us open cup. As I recalled I remember many of were just happy that the goats got passed the first round vs Ventura county after previous eliminations by USL teams in the years before. However, some of us were in doubt since the goats travel to Robertson stadium where the goats never won a game there. As the whistle blew for the first half to our surprise Justin Bruan scored in the first 5mins! And to our disbelief we started wondering can we make it to the semifinal? Our eyes were clued to the screen as the goats scored a second by Ante Jazic, as we all jump in excitement it was a sealed deal with another Justin Bruan goal in the 90th minute that saw us thru to the semifinal. At this point we all looked at eachother and it seemed we we’re all thinking the same thing. This is big for us.

We still had to wait for the results between LA Galaxy and Seattle. As much we wanted the LAG to lose we wanted to experience the semi here; however, Seattle won and would host the match at Starfire Stadium. I called my friend Julio(chivamayor) to ask if we should try to do a road trip to Seattle during the middle of the week? He said “try? We are gonna go” .

We ask our front office to see if they would help us with some of the travel expense, instead they only offered us a camera guy and some cash for gas. Well it was something to work with I supposed. So a small group of us pitch in for a 13 seater van and stuff 17 of us with the camera guy pinned in the corner recording the trip.

It was 18 brutal hours on the road with the air coditioning giving out halfways and no head rest to lean on these terrible vans. But our spirits were high and the game was the only thing on our mind. As soon as we got to the stadium we all jump off, gathered our gear and marched right into the stadium. We arrived early and met up with the rest of the people that flew in, and sure enough we had a section.

Since it was still early we decided to start singing our chants an hour before the game even began. And some of the Seattle fans had a surprised look that we even showed up, forcing their support group to leave their tailgating post early and into the stands. Giving this semifinal match the importance it deserved.

The atmosphere felt proper in the small 5,000 seat stadium which help us to our avantage. We were standing behind the Seattle players at first, feeling uneasy they switched sides. When our first team walk into the pitch we were all in full voice as they walked over to applaud us. Then it was game on! And both teams were playing with intencidy as they both had their A team on the field.

As the game progressed we were 2 goals down, and that sinking feeling started kicking in. But a right footed shot by Padilla helped, change that giveving us a glimmer of hope. I remember holding on to my scarf ever so tightly as the goats brought numbers forward trying to equalize. Then in the dying minutes, a headed ball that flew right pass Zack Thorton felt like it speard landed right into my chest. It was the killer blow that knock us out and sent us packing home.

Defeated and with our dreams crush for conceding our first throphy, we walked back to our van. But to our surprise many Seattle fans from their SG greated us and gave us respect for coming out and doing what we did. That moment we felt good and proud that we sacrafice our time and did everything we could to go support and show our love for our club despite the lost. The experience was priceless for all of us knowing we did the best we can to support our team. And that’s one throw back Thursday I’ll always will remember.

The passion is here.


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